My top three blog posts

  1.  I am really impressed by this poem written by a classmate of mine. I was overwhelmed by this poem because it is very difficult to come up with good rhymes but Nici did a very good job at writing this poem
  2. This small adventure story really amazed me. As I was reading it I felt like it was real. Sophie put a lot of effort into this story by using some complex vocabulary and making the story as realistic as possible.
  3. The final post that I really liked is this one written by Kerrin. She integrated humour into her post which I found funny. She is also a brilliant writer so definitely go check her blog out.

My school bucket list

By the year 2020 I want to have passed my A-levels with really good grades and I also want to be the school’s representative. The biggest goal I want to achieve is get a A on my prescientific paper that means alot to me. I also desire to win the cup of schools with the school floorball team. I would love to bungee jump of the school roof. The last and final thing I want to do is to perform the biggest prank in the history of the world because it doesn’t matter what we do since we will already be finished with school.

Introducing my family

As you already know a lot about me I thought that you may want to find out something about my family.

Both of my parents are vets but my mother has specified on chinese medicine. She has a office in Austria where she does acupuncture on dogs, cats and horses. My father works in Hong Kong. He used to do surgery on horses but now he organises where horse races are carried out. He learnt how to use anesthesia correctly and what the  right amounts are. I also have a younger brother who’s 11. He plays ice hockey for the local team and goes to a school that focuses on P.E

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me

Looking myself up on the internet

As soon as we post something on the internet everyone in the world can see it and you won’t be able to delete it. You should be very careful what you post on the internet because sometimes if you apply for a job the first thing they do is type your name on google.

If I search my name all I could see are some photos that I posted on Instagram and some photos from Floorball thats it. But my mom and dad are vets and my father has been interviewed quite a lot of times so you can see him during an operation and  some pictures of him


Always be careful before you post something on the internet because it can be used against you

The benefits of watching a movie in the cinema

Everyone has been to the cinema to watch a movie with their friends or family. It is also very amusing since the screen is huge and the audio is very loud. I think that watching the latest blockbusters is very enjoyable because you will be one of the first to see that movie.

Of course you can watch a movie at home where it is cosy and you can watch the movie while being wrapped up in your blanket but I don’t think that that is as good as watching the movie a week earlier and you can go to the cinema with a lot of your friends which is much better than just being by yourself.

The cinema also has much better speakers and a much bigger screen which makes the movie even more exciting . So the next time when you are deciding if you want to go to the cinema or not keep in mind that even though you have to pay some money for your tickets it’s much more enjoyable than watching the movie on your TV.

Is studying abroad a clever choice to make?

Recently my class had a discussion about studying abroad and so my class teacher told us to write an essay about this very interesting topic.

I definitely think that studying abroad is a very good choice that you can make. Since I attend school in Austria I definitely want to study elsewhere because I want to get to know some other countries and some of them like England have some very good universities.

Of course everyone wants a good education so they want to attend a elite university but as you should know it isn’t very easy to get in and just to move to another country. You have to pay a lot just to fly to your country of choice and you’ll be all by yourself. Most people although don’t have a problem being by themselves so that isn’t a big issue. You will soon make friends there and you won’t be alone any longer.

Nevertheless I think that if you ever have the opportunity to study abroad you should definitely take it. Even if you feel a bit anxious you will soon see the plus side of foreign travel and education.

Worst case scenario: Chapter 5

Mia, Emily, Arthur and Jake “the rake” Johnson are lost in the woods. The four find themselves in a cave after a heavy storm seperated them from the other students in the camp. A torch, shoe laces, a small first aid kid and a magnet that is all they have with them. Nobody was prepared for such a situation. They try to survive for as long as possible, facing not only problems such as hunger, but also conflicts between the four which will lead to severe consequences…

The whole story will be split into five chapters. Each chapter is written from one character’s point of view:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:


Chapter 5: 

My eyes suddenly opened. I saw Emily sitting by herself in the corner of the cellar. I slowly got up and asked her what the problem was. She cried because she was missing her family and a cosy place to sleep. I totally understood her because I was also close to giving up. We thought it was best to wake Arthur and Mia up. They wanted to continue to sleep but I told them to pull themselves together because we were trying to get out of this depressing cellar and back into sunlight. As it had turned day we didn’t have to use our torches because we were able to see. I took the lead and told the rest to follow me. Everyone did so except for Emily she didn’t want to leave. Because I really wanted to get the heck out of this cellar I told her to stay there. The three of us left the cellar through the exit and got back to the tunnel.


I was beginning to feel the pain in my back because I slept on the floor. We continued to walk down the tunnel until we reached the cave again. We were all relieved when we saw the sunlight. I told Mia and Arthur to go and look for something to eat since everyone was nearly starving. I said that I would go and check on Emily because I didn’t want her to be alone since she is scared of nearly everything. I went back into the Tunnel and headed back to the cellar. A few meters away I somehow had the feeling that something was wrong. I heard a creaking sound. I entered the cellar and I was shocked. Emily was hanging from a lamp on the ceiling with a blanket tied around her neck. She had given up on life. I couldn’t move. I was too shocked that I was frozen. I kneed down on the floor and started to cry. I thought it was best to take her with me to bury her. As I got to the cave I saw Arthur who was bleeding through his ripped shirt and from his right leg. I asked Mia what had happened. She told me that they saw a dead doe lying on the ground and Arthur was so excited that he ran towards it. He unfortunately  didn’t see a 5 foot bear standing a few feet behind it. Without making a noise the bear attacked Arthur and ripped his chest open. As he got up and ran the bear got hold of his leg and scratched  it.


I then told them that Emily had committed suicide. Mia was also very shocked but Arthur was just concentrating on breathing. His breathing was getting louder everytime he inhaled. I dropped Emily and rushed over to help him. Unfortunately he was losing too much blood so there was nothing I could do. In order to stop him from suffering I had no choice but to snap his neck. I dropped to the floor because I couldn’t believe that we had lost two really nice people. Mia rushed over to me to check on me. I was fine but I was in total shock. Suddenly we heard a helicopter flying nearby. We quickly rushed out to try and get the pilots attention. Luckily he saw us and flew towards us and landed near the cave. The pilot got out and asked us what we were doing in the middle of nowhere. After we told him how we got into this situation he told us that he could help us get back to civilisation. Before we entered the helicopter I told them that I wanted to bury Arthur and Emily. After digging two holes we put them in and let them rest in peace. The pilot took us back to the airport where we phoned our family. I was very happy to see them of course. I said bye to Mia and drove home.




worst case scenario

  • WoRst case

cHAPTER 1: Jake

I looked to my left, then to my right.


Nothing but trees

I was beggining to feel a slight shiver going down my spine. I started to panic and eventually I fainted. I don’t know how long I was lying on the ground for but I was awoken by a hand that was touching my forehead. I saw three other people surrounding me. I wanted to say something, but I just mumbled something that couldn’t be understood. A girl wearing black clothes took my hand and pulled me up. The other girl asked me if I was felling ok. I nodded and looked at the third person. His eye kept on twiching so i thought he might have a disability. The girl in black decided it would be a good idea to find some shelter.

We heard a noise in the distance so we wanted to find out where it was coming from. A few miles later we came across a cave where we decided to stay. We huddled up and we put everything we had together to see whether anything could be useful for surviving in the woods. We had a small first-aid kit, some shoelaces, a magnet and a torch. Now we started to introduce ourselves to each other extemsivly. Mia was the girl wearing black clothes and she was also a vegetarian and would do anything to save an animal. Emily, the other girl ,was wearing a very strange T-shirt told us that she was not a vegetarian but she didn’t like the idea that animals are slaughtered . She also seemed to be scared of fire beacause as we used a lighter to start a fire she ran out of the cave. We put the fire out because we didn’t want to lose anyone. The other dude, Arthur, seemed like to be a very strange man and I felt unconfortable being next to him

I think Arthur may be a psychopath because he told us a story about slicing his step-father in pieces because he didn’t allow him to watch TV. Luckily he assured us that he wouldn’t kill any of us since he’s on medication. After listening to his story we told Arthur to sleep further inside the cave because we wanted to be sure that he wasn’t going to murder us while we were sleeping. Because it was already pretty late we decided it was best to call it a day and go to sleep

Email to Joe about the weather in Austria

Dear Joe,

I am very sorry to hear that you have to do a project in school about the climate in different countries because I think that that isn’t a very interesting topic but I would still love to help you. So the weather in Austria varies a lot. In Summer the temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius on hot days. I really can’t stand it when it’s that hot but luckily we have a pool next to our house and a lake not too far away to cool down. In the months of June and August, there are usually a lot of thunderstorms and the rain comes pouring down. Then in Autumn the temperature starts to cool down to about 19 degrees Celsius. In winter  it gets very cold to about -5 degrees Celsius. But the snow only comes in January so we don’t have a white Christmas. I hate that it gets very cold because I always get sick. But the Winter also allows us to go skiing in the Alps which makes a lot of fun.

I hope that I could help you to gain a brief insight in Austria’s weather and good luck on your project

yours truly,


The billionaire boy (Book review)

The billionaire boy, written by David Walliam, is a great and hilarious children’s novel. It tells the story of a very spoilt boy that literally has everything that you can imagine. He has lots of TV’s, a underground bowling alley, a racetrack and he gets 100000$ of pocket money every week. His father though hasn’t always been so rich. He used to roll toilet rolls everyday until he had a very successful idea.

Joe Spud, the rich kid didn’t have a lot of friends and got bullied a lot of times because of how much money he had. Basically the book just tells the readers how the life of a billionaire looks like.

In my opinion the book is really suitable for little children and is also entertaining. It also has some pictures drawn in it to give the reader a better understanding of what the book is telling them. The book is also suitable for people that are beginning to learn English because the words that are used are very simple. I would rate this book a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 because the plot isn’t really exciting because I don’t really care about his life now, but I can definitely understand why a 9 year old would read this book.